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Steve Cardwell


Delta DPAC Chair (2006 - 2010)

I have known Steve since the mid 2000s when he was Delta School District’s Assistant Superintendent (soon to be promoted to Superintendent) and I was on the District PAC.  Before Steve, the “parental voice” was rarely heard at the district level. I have never seen someone work so hard to have parents included and recognized as education partners, as Steve did. He knew that the best decisions were made when everyone was in the room. 

Steve gave parents opportunities to learn and he listened intently to our concerns and suggestions.  We felt safe and welcomed. I saw Steve do the same with high school students.  Steve used to say "The wisdom is in the room" and we were all around the table:  administrators, educators, support staff, parents, students, and school trustees.  Steve leads from behind; being inclusive is in his DNA.  

Donna Burke


Former Chair of the Vancouver School Board. Mayne Islander.

As a former VSB Superintendent and educator, Steve has always put all students at the forefront of decision making. He's a collaborative leader who understands how important it is to support those working in education to ensure they can do their very best work. His extensive experience in the system ensures he knows how to be effective in making positive changes.

Patti Bacchus


Retired Teacher, Teacher-Librarian, Mom to 2, horse-lover, and long-time East Ender.

I am excited to support Steve Cardwell. There are few who have the vast experiences that he has had in public education. From President of his local union to Superintendent of the VSB, he has always been thoughtful and recognizes the important roles of everyone. I have worked with Steve and known him for many years. He listens carefully to all, yet is able to make the tough decisions that are required. As both a teacher and a parent of two kids who graduated from public schools, I trust Steve to stand up for the things that matter.

Dale Clark


Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UBC

Beginning as my secondary school biology teacher, Steve Cardwell has supported my career’s academic pursuits.  The incredibly positive impact he has had on young minds such as my own in navigating the public school system is a testament to his passion for teaching and administrative leadership. Steve is the voice we need for all students.

Dr. Gurdeep Parhar


Chancellor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University and former Chief of the Tsawwassen First Nation

I have known Dr. Steve Cardwell for a long time and have really come to know him in his role as Vice President, Students at KPU where he was also the most senior leader with responsibility for the Indigenous portfolio. Steve has had a long and stellar career in public education – always supporting student success and well-being – and, in particular advocating for Indigenous students. He is a strong ally of Indigenous people and will continue to bring his compassion and caring leadership.

Kwuntiltunaat Kim Baird


Katzie First Nation
Owner, Managing Consultant at Len Pierre Consulting

It is with great respect that I offer this endorsement for Steve Cardwell. Steve is a known champion and ally to our shared work in decolonization, reconciliation, and Indigeneity in education. He brings over 40 years of experience in Indigenous community engagement, advocacy and leadership. I know Steve would be an incredible asset to any organization with his leadership and advocacy.
I raise my hands to you, Steve.

Len Pierre


First ever Student Trustee in BC

Steve's career has been dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for ALL students. Throughout my time working with Steve, he always showed compassion in his decision-making, putting the students' needs above all else. I'm thrilled that he's continuing this important work.

Nick Milum



Steve has a great deal of knowledge and expertise based on his experience as a teacher, educational leader, and superintendent. He has the skills and commitment to engage in all discussions at the table with an eye for meaningful and positive changes, especially in regards to equity and inclusion. Steve is a caring, approachable leader who believes in working collaboratively with educators, students and families.

Teri Mooring
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